IllumiCare™ is a non-intrusive ribbon of information that hovers over a hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) and gives providers real-time, patient-specific costs (not charges) and patient risk data about the patient concurrently being viewed in the EMR. IllumiCare has a light technical footprint; it uses existing provider authentication infrastructure and HL7 messages. It is EMR-agnostic.

IllumiCare is designed to give clinicians real-time clinical and financial intelligence about the current patient being viewed in the EMR/CPOE. There are no alarms or clicks required. It does not play 20-questions with the clinician or tell them they can’t order something. IllumiCare does not impede the normal workflow. Rather, it is informative without being obtrusive. There are a number of sub-ribbons:

How Does Your Hospital Compare to It's Peers?

Medications, labs and radiology testing are three major buckets of inpatient variable spend; and they are nearly 100% provider controlled. How do your providers’ ordering habits compare to your peers? You tell us 3-10 hospitals to which you want to be compared, and we will send you a custom report of your per admission spend on inpatient medications, labs and radiology testing. It’s 100% free, with no obligation.

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