When providers see the cost of tests and medications in real-time, they become more deliberate in their ordering and tend to order fewer and less expensive tests and medications.

IllumiCare® is a non-intrusive ribbon of information that is embedded within or hovers over the EMR and gives providers real-time, patient-specific costs (not charges) and patient risk data about the patient concurrently being viewed in the EMR.  Studies in both academic and community hospitals show that it works.

How Does Your Hospital Compare to It's Peers?

Medications, labs and radiology testing are three major buckets of inpatient variable spend; and they are nearly 100% provider controlled. How do your providers’ ordering habits compare to your peers? You tell us 3-10 hospitals to which you want to be compared, and we will send you a custom report of your per admission spend on inpatient medications, labs and radiology testing. It’s 100% free, with no obligation.

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