Our Platform, Your Analytics

Population health, predictive analytics, pharmacogenomics…healthcare data science evolves rapidly.  IllumiCare is a malleable platform to present a health system’s custom analytics and/or third-party solutions at the point of care, with no EMR integration.  It is EMR-enhancing, by allowing health systems to easily customize and change the view to meet their needs.

Custom electronic medical record platform

What appears in the IllumiCare ribbon is not “hard coded.”  Everything about its appearance and context are dynamically generated every time it is called to the screen.  That means each health system can have a customized ribbon to meet its needs, and it can be completely different in each care setting.  Systems can have different inpatient, ambulatory and ER Smart Ribbons.  They can combine IllumiCare generated analytics with health system or third-party analytics.


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