IllumiCare is an EMR-agnostic application that is embedded within or hovers over the EMR. It auto-runs on sign-in (no log-in or patient lookup is required).

When the user navigates to a patient specific screen on the EMR, the IllumiCare Smart Ribbon® appears on the screen, showing information about the same patient being viewed in the EMR.  As the user changes patients in the EMR, the Smart Ribbon automatically refreshes to display data about the new patient.

If the user does not interact with IllumiCare, the Smart Ribbon automatically minimizes after several seconds, so as not to interfere with the user’s workflow. It can be recalled at any time.

IllumiCare is also a malleable platform to display other data.  Many of our clients begin with the IllumiCare content, but then add additional data from other sources (including third-party vendors).  The Smart Ribbon can display different data based on the patient location and/or user type.  Thus, each hospital can have not only its unique Smart Ribbon, but it can also create different Ribbons for providers versus case managers, as well as different ribbons for inpatient, ED, ambulatory, etc.

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